Luz - Praia Da Luz Church

The Praia da Luz Church is a medieval church about six kilometres outside of Lagos, Algarve. The church is significant because it serves both the local Portuguese Catholic congregations as well as St. Vincent’s Anglican Congregation on Sunday mornings. Formerly called Nossa Senhora da Luz, or ‘Or Lady of Light,’ the church is more widely referred to as Praia da Luz, or ‘Beach of Light.’ This name is in reference to the urbanized village and thriving beach community nearby.

The church was built in 1521 but severely damaged by the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. It was later restored in 1874 by local contributors, and then was similarly damaged by violent storms and the 1969 earthquake. Despite the cycle of damage and restoration, the Praia da Luz Church has some excellent example of Baroque Architecture. 

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