Moncarapacho is a small country village in the eastern Algarve not far from Faro. It is set in beautiful countryside which is home to growers of oranges, lemons and figs, and the area is also a big producer of flowers. The village itself is situated 8km northeast of Olhao and about 10km east of Estoi.

Being in the less commercialised Eastern Algarve, the area is quite quiet. Being a rural village, Moncarapacho is certainly not overrun by holidaymakers, although it is becoming a more popular destination along with a few of its neighbouring villages. The real attraction of the village is its relaxed and friendly atmosphere and its unhurried pace of life. The village offers the basics, such as supermarkets, banks, a post office, restaurants and bars and also a weekly market. You can also find traditional crafts here such as leatherwork for horses and the manufacture of ceramics, a good ceramics shop being found on the outskirts of the village.

Located where it is, within a 20-minute drive of Faro airport and only 3km from the IP1 motorway, Moncarapacho makes the rest of the Algarve easily accessible, if you have hired a car (which is definitely recommended).

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