Holidays in Monchique bring you face-to-face with the way life has been lived in rural Portugal for centuries. And a very attractive face it is too. Holidays in Monchique are an enviable procession of sight seeing, leisurely walks through astonishingly beautiful countryside, sitting in idyllic town squares and eating simple but absolutely delicious local food and watching day-to-day life swirl past you.

Take a last minute holiday to Monthique and pack lots of film, or a camera with plenty of memory. The mountains surrounding this charming Portuguese market town are stunning, whether youre walking through the fragrant woodlands that lead to the summit or are standing at the very top, surveying the magnificence of the surrounding countryside and allowing the scents of pine, mimosa, eucalyptus and rhododendrons to drift up towards you. You will indeed be close to heaven!

And when you come down from the hills youll find your all inclusive holidays to Monthique can place you in a busy chari vari of people, livestock, local produce, handicrafts, art, artefacts, cuisine and clothes. The town is noted for its large fortnightly market.

The local sightseeing can help make your summer holidays to Monchique, too. Nearby is the tucked away, spa town of Caldas de Monthique with its natural waters and beautifully restored period buildings, and there are endless places to picnic amongst pine and orange trees.

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