This picturesque fishing port lies about 40km due south of Lisbon and is situated nestled at the foot of the hills of Arrabida and inside a sparkling blue bay, protecting it from cold northerly winds.

Atop the hill behind the town, on the site of a Moorish fortress captured in 1165, stands the restored medieval castle built in the 13th century by Dom Sancho II. Its five towers and walls protect something even older, the 12th century church of Santa Maria which offers an example of popular rural religious architecture.

One of the biggest draws in Sesimbra is the beach. The water is crystal clear and the fish in it is really good.

The outdoor farmers market in Sesimbra provides local fresh fruit and vegetables in addition to the fresh fish you can buy every day in the harbor. The seafood restaurants around Sesimbra are known for their quality!

The sidewalk along the beach is ideal for a night stroll where most likely you will run into some festival in or around the Fort. During the day one can follow the same sidewalk for a hike to the Castle or the fishing docks for a little PADI certified scuba dive or simply a boat trip.

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