Activities: Beach and surfing and rest. Search for the Praia do Amado or Paria da Carrapateira or Praia da ARrifana which are the best surf spots. Food is usually of quality, and fresh fish is the best. Eating by the see side may cost you more money but you will be enjoying a wonderful view and, usually, really fresh fish! Accessing / Exchanging Money, I would advise travellers to rent a car in Faro or Lagos and to take the car to Aljezur. The road is a bit winding but you will get there easily with a map and that will also make beach access easier as the beaches are usually kilometers away in lost places and no buses go there. General Impressions, this area of Portugal is, from July to September usually full with tourists and many backpackers. Should on be looking for calmness, the best time to go there is June and early September.

The landscapes are just beautiful and it is impossible not to feel rested when leaving. Nightlife, besides the small local bars, this region receives the big Sudoeste Festival usually in the beginning of August, which gathers national and international Djs and groups as well as national and international people. , What to bring, if youre thinking to attend this festival, dont forget your tennis shoes, comfortable close and a sweatshirt or a pullover. Even to go to the beaches, take water with you and tennis shoes as well as a pullover if youre thinking to stay there until late as during the day temperatures are peak high and during the night they may fall a bit. Some of the beaches (most of them) do not posess bars or places to eat so, if you dont know the beach, bring food. Dont forget your insect protection as at sun-down insects usually become unbearable without it. For girls, No need for high-heels in general as everybody just goes around in flip flops and tennis shoes. You may however wish to take those platform shoes but only if comfortable.

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