The port city of Águilas hosts a great many beaches, all of them unspoilt and picturesque, and is the perfect destination for those looking to relax all day in the sun. It also has a distinguished history – Charles III and his ministers helped design parts of the town, turning it into a commercial centre due to its prime position on the coastline. Remnants of old Águilas, including the churches and halls, can still be found all over the town, and they draw in many visitors.

But the main attraction of Águilas is really the sea. It’s bright blue and sparkling, ideal for swimming as well as water sports. Scuba diving schools are also set up along the beach, accepting enthusiasts of all ages. There’s something for everyone on the beaches of Águilas, and they also offer all the amenities to make your day as relaxing as possible.

During the evening and night Águilas opens its many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. As in most of Spain, the nightlife here carries on well into the morning, with plenty of opportunities for dancing and making new friends.

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