This city of Alcoy in Alicante, Spain is a great holiday destination for those looking to fit in lots of sightseeing and to soak up the Spanish culture. Historical archaeological sites aside Alcoy is a vibrant city with lots of shops, restaurants and bars to try out; the Plaza de Espana in particular is a great place to eat whilst enjoying some people watching.

If you are a history lover then there are lots of fascinating places of interest to visit. You first port of call should be the medieval quarter for a whistle stop tour of the city hall, Archaeological Museum and the Museu Alcoi de la Festa. The latter museum commemorates the annual fiesta which takes place every April – if you’re lucky enough to be in the city during this time you will see the streets alive with parades, costumes, music, dancing and fireworks. There are also several other notable historical buildings that are well worth a visit, including the spectacular churches of Iglesia de Santa Maria and the Iglesia de San Augustin.

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