Fuerteventura El Matorral Airport Car Hire

As the first airport built on Fuerteventura, El Matorral Airport (also known as "Fuerteventura Airport") is situated in a town 5 km from Puerto del Rosario and has connections to over 80 destinations worldwide.The runway was opened officially 14 September 1969 and the first plane that touched down on the new runway was an Iberia Fokker, which flew from Gran Canaria to Lanzarote over a short distance of water separating these two islands. It's less than 10 years old but already handles more passengers annually (~5 million) than any other Spanish island and has connections to 80 destinations worldwide.

Fuerteventura is one of the small archipelago islands located off southern Europe's coast called "The Canary Islands." Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Spanish island was declared an environmentally safe UNESCO biosphere reserve. As of the start of 2019, 116K people lived there which makes it second-biggest after Tenerife but still less populated than other major spots like Gran Canaria or Lanzarote. The Canary Islands are stunning and have plenty of natural beauty to explore on your vacation!

It has many gorgeous beaches stretching for miles as well as some incredible rock formations all throughout its vast landscape. It has been certified as a UNESCO biosphere reserve and is also one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, especially among those interested in cultural heritage or sustainability. Fuerteventura was voted as one of the most attractive destinations in Europe for travelers. Visitors can enjoy beaches with great water quality, such as Playa de Corralejo and El Cotillo Beach.

How do I book Fuerteventura El Matorral Car Hire?

Once you know your flight details into Fuerteventura El Matorral, it’s easy to get started searching for the best car hire options available. Simply create your search in the bar at top of the page - input travel dates and select ‘search’. hoppa will pull all transport providers from our network show you a selection of vehicle types suit your needs. Booking your car hire online and in advance ensures that you have the best options and rates available, and you can also avoid long queues when arriving at the airport.

What are the considerations when renting a car at Fuerteventura El Matorral for my holiday?

In order to find out, you should first ask yourself some questions. How many people will be driving and how much luggage do they have with them? A larger group or individuals carrying lots of baggage may need an SUV while smaller groups would prefer more fuel-efficient cars like hatchbacks which offer fast acceleration but take less space on the road.

Another thing to consider is which fuel policy you’d like. Full-to-full policies are the most common, where customers will be expected to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas just as they picked it up. Other options may also be available.

Lastly, what location do want as your pickup and drop-off point? Airport pickups and drop-offs are convenient but not always cost-effective (i.e., if there's an airport nearby), so this decision can depend on whether money or convenience matters more for you!