Playa Del Ingles

Big, bold, and brash, Playa Del Ingles is one of the largest beach resorts in Europe. Size alone may bring you to its golden sands, but it’s the vibrant atmosphere of this fascinating region of Gran Canaria that will keep you coming back year after year.

Topping up your tan is one thing, but don’t think that is all that these beaches have to offer. You’ll find water sports at every turn in Playa Del Ingles, with plenty of opportunities for you to experience the waves. Retail therapy is never too far from reach, with plenty of duty-free boutiques in the area. With 12 malls, ample bars and countless pubs, it’s safe to say you’ll never be short of somewhere to enjoy your holiday in this stunning destination.

Whenever you visit the Canary Islands, make sure you book your Playa Del Ingles transfers in advance with hoppa. We’ll ensure your holiday starts as soon as your plane touches the ground!

How to book your Playa Del Ingles transfers

Securing your transfer from Las Palmas Airport to Playa Del Ingles with us could not be more straightforward. All you have to do is fill out your travel details at the top of this page and hit ‘Search’. You’ll then be given a choice between private vehicles or shared shuttle buses for your journey.

Shuttle bus or private transport?

If you’re undecided on which transport option to choose, here’s an idea of what’s on offer:

Shuttle bus

  • This can be a more cost-efficient choice.
  • There may be some waiting time at Las Palmas Airport once you’ve touched down, as you’ll be sharing the bus with other passengers, whose flights may land after yours.
  • There will be drop-off points for other travellers along the route and your accommodation may not be the first stop on the way.

Private vehicle

  • You and the rest of your party will be the only passengers on board.
  • You will have an agreed pick-up time, which is listed on the e-ticket for your Playa Del Ingles transfers. This is the point at which you’ll meet the driver of your vehicle.
  • You’ll be taken straight to your vehicle and driven directly to your accommodation without any stops along the way.

How much do Playa Del Ingles transfers cost?

Once you’ve filled in your travel details and hit ‘Search’ atop this page, you’ll be given a price for your airport transfer from Gran Canaria to Playa Del Ingles. However, the amounts shown are live valuations and are subject to change depending on currency rates and resort pricing. So, if you leave your search and return to it later, you may find the prices have altered slightly.

What happens after I choose my transport?

After you’ve picked your transport vehicle, you’ll be taken to the ‘Extras’ section, which includes information on your luggage allowance. Typically, both our private transfers and shuttle buses allow one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per passenger. However, this part of the process allows you to book any additional luggage – whether it be more bags, golf clubs, a wheelchair or a bike.

Your e-ticket

Once the booking of your Playa Del Ingles transfers is completed, we’ll send an e-ticket to your email address. We ask that you please keep this document in a safe place as it includes important information including pick-up details and contact numbers. We advise familiarising yourself with the e-ticket and all its information before you touch down.

It could also be worth printing off your e-ticket before you travel and keeping it in your hand luggage, as having a hard copy easy to hand may come in useful when showing it to your driver, while it will also mean you retain a copy even if your hold luggage gets delayed.

Where should I go when I land?

If you check the ‘Find my pick-up’ section, you’ll see our helpful instructions on where you need to go to catch your transfer from Las Palmas Airport to Playa Del Ingles. It’s worth having your e-ticket to hand when you touch down.

Please be aware that your instructions can vary depending on your transport provider and whether you’re travelling privately or on a shuttle bus. Most services ask you to head to the arrivals hall, where you’ll be greeted by a representative holding a sign bearing either your name, that of hoppa, or that of the transport company.

Please be sure to read your pick-up instructions carefully. If you can’t see any details on the e-ticket regarding your Playa Del Ingles transfers, ring the number provided and we’ll be able to tell you where you need to go.

What if I can’t find my driver?

Regrettably, traffic jams can sometimes cause the drivers of our Playa Del Ingles transfers to be a little delayed. But there’s no need to be worried – if your driver is running late, all you need to do is ring the number on your e-ticket and we’ll be able to provide you with an update.

What if I’m running late?

Similarly, there’s no need to panic if your flight is behind schedule or you’re stuck waiting for your luggage to come off the carousel. Just ring the number on your e-ticket to let us know and we can inform your driver to wait for up to 45 minutes after the original pick-up time.

If your delay is going to extend beyond 45 minutes, we’ll send you a new driver. If you’re significantly delayed – by more than three hours – you’ll have to rearrange your Playa Del Ingles transfers with us and get in touch with your travel insurer.

What will I find at Las Palmas Airport?

Located on the eastern side of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas Airport is considered one of the safest in the world. For those looking to unwind before their flight, it boasts a number of cafes and restaurants while there is a children’s play area to keep the little ones entertained. Its Sala Galdos lounge is a luxurious space with conference facilities and Wi-Fi as well as comfy leather sofas and large windows that let in plenty of natural light.

Transfer time from Las Palmas Airport to Playa Del Ingles

Your transfer from Las Palmas Airport to Playa Del Ingles, around the south eastern coast of the island, should take around 20-25 minutes, depending on traffic.

Heading home

It’s the part of the holiday that nobody looks forward to but, unfortunately, all trips must come to an end. The return leg of your Playa Del Ingles transfers will depend on the type of transport you’ve booked:

Private vehicle

  • You will be picked up at your accommodation at the time stated on your e-ticket.
  • We recommend choosing to receive our SMS alerts as they are a smooth, simple way of getting a reminder about your transfer timings.
  • We would also advise being ready to depart around 15 minutes before the time stated on your e-ticket.

Shuttle bus

  • Your pick-up time will be available to view online the day before you leave.
  • If you’ve chosen to receive SMS alerts, we’ll send you a text the day before you depart.
  • As with private transfers, we recommend arriving at your pick-up point 15 minutes before the departure time with your e-ticket close at hand.

Whichever option you’ve decided on for your Playa Del Ingles transfers, if your driver does not arrive at the agreed time, please call the emergency contact number listed on your e-ticket.

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