Puerto De Pollensa

The charming resort of Puerto de Pollensa in the north of Mallorca has been established for many years, and so features a more old world charm than many of the other towns on the island. Book your Puerto de Pollensa transfers before you travel with hoppa from Palma de Mallorca Airport and be sure to save yourself time and money.

The crescent shaped bay of Pollensa has two beaches. Pollensa Beach is a wide stretch of sand that offers all the usual suspects in water sports. The second is the narrower but still popular Albercutx Beach. Albercutx is favourited by families with small children due to the tranquil, shallow waters and copious amounts of shade. There are also smaller, natural beaches if you desire more privacy. The Puerto Pollensa Marina hosts a great number of luxury yachts with the exception of the few remaining colourful fishing boats. Puerto Pollensa has some of the best restaurants on the island and during the summer months there are over two-dozen to choose from. A few bars speckle the resort but the large hotels sponsor most of the after-dark activities. If you are looking for a more energetic nightlife, then head to one of the southern beaches instead.  In the evening you will find throngs of holidaymakers and locals enjoying a leisurely stroll along tree-fringed Pine Trail.

For attractions away from the water, head inland and enjoy a nice variety of outdoor activities. There are lovely hiking trails in the mountains and a few sites to discover in the historic old town of Pollensa. For the kids’ enjoyment, there is a waterpark, go-kart track and mini-golf course less than ten minutes away.

Most of the accommodation in Puerto Pollensa is centred around the port, hence the name.  A few hotels date back to the 1920’s and their refined elegance contrasts those built after the tourism boom that overtook the island with large, concrete structures.  Three of the most highly recommended hotels are: the Hotel Villa Singala, the Llenaire Hotel and the Hoposa Bahía Hotel. 

Puerto de Pollensa is ideal for those seeking a quiet and relaxed holiday in Spain. Lazy days on the beach can be followed by evenings spent enjoying a drink and some of the delicious local food in one of the resort's excellent seafood restaurants, which number among the best in Mallorca. Should you feel the need for more activity, Puerto de Pollensa is at the foot of the Sierra de Tramunta mountains, where there are some excellent walks to be taken admiring the dramatic scenery and views. The shallow waters of the beach make it suitable for families with children, and there is a water park and other activities available in nearby Alcudia for a fun day out.

With its sweeping views, golden beaches and rich history, Puerto de Pollensa is the ideal holiday destination for anyone wanting to truly experience Mallorca. Located north of the island, and built behind mountains, this charming resort offers a wealth of activities for adventurers, sun seekers and families alike. So, if you’ve decided to vacation there, who could really blame you? If you still need to organise transfers from Palma Airport to Puerto Pollensa, look no further than hoppa. We can ensure a smooth journey to and from your accommodation. It’s never been so simple to secure high-quality airport transfers!

Booking your transfer from Palma to Puerto De Pollensa

Booking your trip from Palma to Puerto De Pollensa couldn’t be easier! To get started, simply enter your travel information in the section at the top of this page before hitting the ‘Search’ button. After this, you’ll be able to choose between a shared shuttle bus or a private car or minibus transfer.

Should I choose a shared or private vehicle for my Puerto De Pollensa transfer?

Whichever option you choose, you’re guaranteed a premium service. The best one for you will most likely depend on your travelling needs and preferences. To help you decide, we’ve put together a straightforward guide.

Shuttle buses

  • You will be accompanied by other travellers for this journey
  • Once you arrive in Palma airport, you may be required to wait for up to 45 minutes before your departure. This is to give your fellow passengers whose flights have landed after yours ample time to reach the shuttle bus
  • There are fixed drop-off points en route, taking each passenger to their destination

Private vehicles

  • A scheduled pick-up time will be clearly stated on your e-ticket – this is the time that you’re expected to meet the driver for your Puerto De Pollensa transfer and be taken to your vehicle
  • Your travelling party will be the only passengers
  • You’ll be driven to your accommodation only – and there will be no other drop-off points during the journey

I’ve chosen my transport – what next?

After having selected your transport, you’ll be directed straight to the ‘Extras’ page, where you’ll find the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box. This space allows you to tell us what you need for your Puerto De Pollensa transfer. For example, if you’ll be travelling with a wheelchair, or plan to bring big objects like golf clubs with you, write it down in this box. That way, we can make sure that your vehicle matches your needs exactly.

Your e-ticket

Keep an eye for your e-ticket after you’ve completing your booking. This vital document provides both confirmation of your booking and key information about your transfers – so, make sure to have it handy during both your inbound and outbound transfers. Make sure to print it off ahead of boarding your flight, as you’ll need to present it to your driver when you meet them.

How much will I pay for my Puerto de Pollensa transfers?

When searching for available transport for your travel dates, you’ll see that prices are listed next to both the shuttle bus and private vehicle options. These prices are what you’ll be required to pay for your preferred transport option if you book then and there. It’s important to note, however, that these are live valuations – and therefore, they can change due to fluctuating currency rates. If you begin looking for transfers and decide to resume your search at a later date, the price may have changed since your initial search.

Reasonable luggage allowance

We offer a luggage limit of one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per passenger on our shuttle buses and private vehicles.

I think I’m going to exceed this limit. What should I do?

Got the feeling you’re going to exceed the baggage limit for your transfer from Palma Airport to Puerto De Pollensa? No problem! We know that this happens – so, if you think you’ll need more space for your luggage our private or shared vehicle, just let us know in the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box.

Where to meet your driver when you arrive at Palma airport

It can be stressful when we arrive at the airport. After having touched down, we need to go through passport control, clearing customs and baggage reclamation. To make your journey from Palma to Puerto De Pollensa as relaxing as possible, we promise a straightforward pick-up process.

To locate your driver, simply look to the ‘find my pick-up’ section of your e-ticket.

What if I’m running late?

Running late on the day of your transfer from Palma Airport to Puerto De Pollensa? No need to worry! Whether it’s your flight that’s behind schedule, or it takes you a while to locate your baggage on the carousel, we’ve got you covered. Your driver will wait for you for up to 45 minutes after your original pick-up time. If your delay runs over 45 minutes, we will send another driver out to meet you – if you’re more than three hours behind schedule, you will have to rearrange your transfer from Palma airport to Puerto Pollensa with us.

How do I let my driver know?

Once you know that you’re going to run late, call the specified number on your e-ticket. This will help us to stay updated, and to send a reserve driver out as quickly as possible.

What Palma Airport has to offer

Just a short drive from Mallorca’s western coast – with its array of golden beaches and scenic delights – it’s easy to see why Palma airport attracts millions of flyers every year.

In addition to its handy location, the practical facilities and wide range of services available at the airport make it a popular destination for sun-seekers. Whatever question you have once you’ve touched down in Palma, a member of staff will be happy to answer it and assist with all your flying needs.

After you’ve arrived at Palma airport, you’ll be able to enjoy a host of activities, from Duty Free shopping to sit-down meals to takeaway snacks. However long your stay here is, you’re guaranteed a stress-free, albeit relatively short, stay.

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