Situated in the popular province of Andalusia, Zurgena is an ideal place to visit if you want to enjoy the unspoiled charms of traditional Spain. Village life revolves around the picturesque central square where you can treat yourself to some tasty local tapas and drink and dance long into the night at a friendly bar. You can also snap up some hand crafted souvenirs for friends and family back home at the bustling village market. Away from the central plaza of Zurgena, there are plenty of excellent tourist facilities. A children’s play park, a sports centre, gift shops and convenience stores can all be found throughout the town.

The region is perhaps best known for hosting what is widely considered to be the best festival in southern Spain. Every summer, during the festival of San Ramon Nonato a colourful carnival descends upon the town and the whole of Zurgena becomes a vibrant fiesta. Visit between July and August to join these lively festivities and celebrate like a real local of Zurgena.

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