Dubai International Airport Car Hire

With its futuristic skyline, including the world’s tallest building, Dubai is a city at the forefront of innovation and possibility. People of nearly 200 nationalities call this cosmopolitan city home, and it welcomes visitors from all around the world. Between the magnificent desert, the incredible coastline, and a cityscape unlike any other, Dubai has something to offer everyone.

The city is served by the impressive Dubai International Airport, a bustling, modern airport that is ranked the fifth busiest in the world by passenger traffic and the sixth by cargo. Within the airport itself, you’ll find a range of duty-free shops, and restaurants showcasing an array of flavours from around the world.

How do I book Dubai Car Hire?

Once you know your flight details into Dubai, it’s easy to get started searching for the best car hire options available.

Simply create your search in the bar at the top of the page - input your travel dates and select ‘search’. hoppa will pull all the options from our network of transport providers and show you a selection of vehicle types to suit your needs.

It may be possible to hire a car without pre-booking, but your options may be limited and you rates may be higher, so we recommend that you book your car hire online and in advance.

What things should I consider when selecting my Dubai Car Hire?

How many people are in your party and how much luggage do you have? A larger party with more luggage will need a larger vehicle than a single person or couple with just a few pieces of luggage. Knowing how much space you need is key in selecting the right vehicle.

Another thing to consider is which fuel policy is best for you. A ‘full to full’ policy is most common, where you’ll be expected to return the car at the same fuel level it was when you picked it up, i.e. with a full tank. However, other fuel policies may be available.

Lastly, where do you want to collect and return your vehicle? Airport pickup and drop-off is the most convenient but not the most cost-effective option, so you’ll need to decide whether the cash or the convenience is most important for you.