Downtown San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco is considered by many as the most diverse and cosmopolitan area of the Californian State. The city’s urban atmosphere, artistic residents, and progressive outlook draw the young and hip to its hilly surrounds. Furthermore, a compelling history and a number of iconic architectural feats put it on the must-see list for most visitors during a trip to the Sunshine State. 

Regardless of what draws you, the City by the Bay has a magical appeal. As you navigate across yet another bridge and cast your eyes over the waters of the bay, it’s hard not to get lost in its golden appeal. Proud San Fran encourages you to pick up your camera, put aside your inhibitions, and soak up its glory. The city is perhaps best known for its steep streets, colourful Victorian houses, and more often than not, fog-covered bridges. With the Pacific Ocean framing one side, and San Francisco Bay to the other, there are certainly enough opportunities to experience a stunning view of the skyline. Although it’s not a huge city to explore by foot, everyone should experience a ride on the famous iconic cable cars. Jump aboard, pay the conductor, and enjoy the ride. Those particularly keen on the history of the cable cars may want to visit the Cable Car Museum, near Chinatown in the Nob Hill district. You’ll get an insight into how they function and the mechanics behind hauling all those passengers up and down the many hills.

Downtown San Francisco is centered around Union Square with the Tenderloin, South of Market and the Financial district surrounding it. A number of modern art galleries have popped up here, pinpointing the area as a liberal and contemporary go-to. However, that’s not to say that downtown San Francisco is lacking in history. Both the infamous Alcatraz prison and the Golden Gate bridge are located nearby; two iconic structures that must be visited during a trip to the area. With or without the city’s typical fog cover, the boat trip to Alcatraz carries a mist of gloom. ‘The Rock’ hasn’t held prisoners for over 50 years but the memories of those incarcerated on the island still hang heavy in the air, and it’s said to be seriously haunted. If you have a hard enough shell, make the trip after nightfall – the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge will ‘wow’, while the prison shrouded by moonlight may bring on a shiver or two. 


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