Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotels

Few places sum up the All American experience better than Fort Lauderdale. Located in the south eastern state of Florida, this sun-seekers’ paradise combines all the glitz and glamour of Miami with the laidback feel of a beach resort. Booking your transfers from Miami Airport has never been faster or easier than with hoppa. For incredible prices on all your airport transfers, trust hoppa to deliver a great service.

Most come to Fort Lauderdale for its sumptuous beaches which give a real taste of the Miami Vice lifestyle. Among the best beaches are Las Olas, with its golden sands and rows of palm trees, and Fort Lauderdale beach itself, for a more lively seaside experience.

Fort Lauderdale not only has some of the best beaches in Florida, it also has some of the best entertainment too. Take, for example, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, a real draw for any fan of the stage, with performances from award-winning Broadway shows and so much more.

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