Quiet and slow, Haraki is an idyllic destination still undiscovered by many but perfect for a relaxing holiday in the sun. Considered an earthly paradise by the locals, make your holiday a dream in every sense of the word by booking you Haraki transfers with hoppa before you fly.

Haraki is a fantastic place to experience the region’s unique hospitality, with friendly locals just waiting to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Wander through the cobbled streets and admire the stunning architecture, ducking into the various cafés, restaurants, and tavarnas along the way. Here you can enjoy a true flavor of Greece, with delicious traditional dishes on offer. After tasting the local food and drink, head down to the warm sandy beach. With golden sands, tranquil waters, and ice cream parlours that can keep you cool on a hot day, you’ll find all you need to sit back and relax in style.

Many of Greece’s hidden gems can be found within the boarders of Rhodes, but few regions on the island shine brighter than Haraki. Untouched, yet still fantastically contemporary, it is a part of Greece that can mean all things to all visitors. Make your holiday one to remember, by letting hoppa handle your Haraki transfers from Rhodes Airport.

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