Lagos (Portugal)

As you arrive in Portugal at Faro Airport, be sure to take a hoppa transfer from Faro to Lagos for a smooth and reliable journey to this holiday paradise. Lagos is a popular haven with some of the best beaches in the Algarve. Meia Praia is top of the pops with four kilometres of golden sands ready for sandcastles, sunbathing, paddling and paragliding. If you fancy something more tranquil, seek out the secret, sheltered coves surrounded by impressive rock formations.

There is a choice of shops, bars and alfresco dining along by the stunning Marina, and for a touch of culture head into the Old Town and explore the Arab-built Castle. You can rely on hoppa to get you there with ease and speed whilst you relax into holiday mode. And by night get ready to choose from an array of pubs and clubs, beach parties and karaoke.

Situated in the Western Algarve, Lagos offers the picturesque beaches and beautiful landscapes that are typical of the world-renowned Portuguese region, with a lively cultural scene and stunning historical architecture tied in alongside. An incredibly popular destination for families and couples, Lagos truly is one of the top European holiday locations.

If Lagos is your chosen holiday destination for the year, you’ll need to work out transfers from Faro airport to Lagos. That’s where hoppa comes in, with our quick, easy and customisable Faro to Lagos transfers, designed to let you focus on enjoying your holiday.

Booking airport transfers from Faro airport to Lagos with hoppa

Want to find out more about booking with us? It’s easy – just fill in the basic travel information above and tell us where you’re exactly headed to and when, and we’ll give you a selection of both private and shuttle transport options with live pricing quotes. From there – you can take your pick of which service suits you best.

Shuttle or Private?

Our two main options are private hire vehicles and shuttles buses. Not sure which service is best for you? There are a few differences that might help you.

Shuttle bus

  • If you’re looking for the cheapest transfer from Faro to Lagos, choose a shuttle option.
  • Your journey will be shared with other groups of holidaymakers, with the bus taking a set route with designated drop-off points.
  • You can expect to set off around 45 minutes after you’ve landed at Faro airport, which will give everyone using the shuttle time to get to the agreed meet point.

Private transport

  • If you want a direct option that will offer the quickest transfer from Faro airport to Lagos, our private vehicles are you best bet.
  • Private hire vehicles are exclusively for your party, meaning you’ll travel direct to your accommodation without any stops.
  • You’ll be given a set meet time for your transfer, which will be provided on your e-ticket.

How much do transfers from Faro to Lagos cost?

Our pricing is live, meaning it can change from day to day. This is because of things such as currency exchange rates and local resort pricings, and so we can ensure our pricing is always the best it can be.

What will you pay? Simply, the price that was given at the time of completing your booking. Don’t worry about any changes in figures after you’ve booked – the price you agreed to is secured.

Next steps

Need to let us know about special requirements or an unusual request? On our ‘Extras’ page, you’ll find an ‘Anything we can help with?’ section, which is where you can tell us about any additional services you might need.

Perhaps you require wheelchair access or have someone travelling with a medical condition that requires particular conditions? Perhaps you’d like to make us aware of some luggage you’re carrying that needs to be looked after especially carefully?

Whatever it is, please let us know, and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

How much luggage can I bring?

Our limit is typically one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person – the same sort of allowance you’ll be permitted on your flight. If you’re carrying more than that within your group, again let us know. We’ll see if we can find a vehicle with extra space to make you comfortable.

The e-ticket

If you’ve booked with a Faro to Lagos transfer with us; congratulations – your holiday just became a whole lot easier. All you need to do now is print off your e-ticket, which we will send to your e-mail address upon completion of your booking.

Your e-ticket is highly important – it’s your ticket aboard your transport and also a handy guide detailing all the essential information regarding your journey. We would strongly recommend taking a paper copy along with you, just in case you can’t access it online for whatever reason.

I’ve landed – what next?

Once you’ve arrived at Faro and got your bags, the next thing is to find your driver. Consult your e-ticket and the ‘Find my pick up’ section, which you’ll see under your journey information. Here, you’ll see directions for where to go and when.

With our shuttle services, that will typically mean meeting a representative in the arrivals hall, while if you’re travelling privately, you’ll likely need to walk to the travel provider’s customer desk. Exact details depend on the type of transfer you’ve chosen and the travel provider running the service, so be sure to follow the directions given carefully.

I can’t find the driver

Finding your driver or relevant representative should be simple, however if you’re having trouble locating them for any reason, or you’re not sure you have all the information you need on your e-ticket, please call us on the emergency number provided at the base of the ‘Find my pick up’ section.

What to do if there’s a delay

If there is a delay and you’re going to be late for your meet time, please give us a call to let us know. Depending on how late you are, we’ll be able to inform our driver to either wait for you (up to 45 minutes delayed), send a new driver to pick you up (45 minutes to three hours delayed) or advise you on rebooking with us (over three hours delayed).

In the case of being over three hours delayed and having to rebook your transfers with us, make sure to speak to your travel insurance provider.

Faro airport to Lagos transfer times

Lagos is around 90km away from Faro airport, with a good journey taking around an hour. Naturally, our shuttle services may take a little longer than a private transfer from Faro to Lagos, so if you’re journey planning, book at least an hour out of your itinerary to account for the trip.

Getting home with hoppa

For your return journey with us, you’ll need to consult the last ‘Find my pick up’ section on your e-ticket.

Return by shuttle bus

  • Your pick up time will be made available from 24 hours before your departure.
  • Pick up information will be sent to you via text if you’ve opted into our SMS notifications. If not, you can find the information online at
  • If you can’t find your departure information, you can contact us via phone.
  • Please arrive at your pick up point at least 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

Return by private transport

  • Your driver will pick you up from your accommodation at the time specified on your e-ticket.
  • You’ll also be notified by text message if you’ve agreed to receive SMS messages from us.
  • Please be ready and at your meeting point at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up time.

Hopping on from Lagos (Portugal)

Collect your luggage

Get your ride

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