Slovenia tourist attractions have allured excited travelers from all corners of the world. With a rich cultural heritage, every aspect of the country portrays a healthy blend of traditional values and modernity. Attractions thrive all over the country. Attractions in Slovenia include mountains, lakes, beaches, historical towns and cities, castles, museums, casinos, nigh clubs, discos, churches and many more.

The Slovenian mountains are known for their spectacular beauty. The mountains make possible sports such skiing and hiking. Planica, Kanin, the Kranjska are eminent as ski resorts. The vineyards of Slovenia are Also glorious in their own rights.

Other major attractions of charming beauty include The Triglav National Park, Bled Lake, the underground caves and Lake Bohinj. Škocjan Caves and Postjna Cave are well known among visitors. The coastal areas of Slovenia and the Karst regions are also flocked by tourists.

Each region and town of Slovenia has a story to tell and exceptional sight seeing locales. Ljubljana is the country capital. Other significant towns and regions of Slovenia that are a must see for the tourists include Bled, Lasko, Maribor, Portoroz, Ptuj, Izola, Koper, Piran, Celje and Novo Mesto.

Slovenia is a store house of churches, museums, castles and art galleries. Some well known castles incorporate the Ljubljana Castle, Bogensperk Castle, Predjama Castle, Tabor Castle, Dobrovo manor, Bled Castle, Ptuj Castle and Predjama Castle.

Museums of Slovenia are just as popular. renowned among them are the National Museum, The Museum of Architecture, National Technical Museum, Natural History Museum, First World War Museum and The Ethnographic Museum. The international Center of Graphic Art is a significant Slovenian art gallery along with National Galley.

Slovenian attractions also feature in addition world class casinos, great shopping centers and sporting facilities.

Ljubljana Tourism has certainly come of age with abundant tourists and business visitors crowding the city on a usual basis. Tourism is fast developing, as the city presents a host of attractions to the tourists. You will catch a glimpse of Slovenian culture, its remarkable sightseeing destinations and typical Slovenian life. Ljubljana is the Slovenian capital that embodies most of the traits of a typical European city. For the advantage of the tourists, the country has set up several tourist information centers in Ljubljana.

The wealthy history of the city comes alive through its castles and its architectural splendors. Ljubljana Castle is perhaps one of the best castles in Slovenia. The castle provides precious insights into the history of the country. Other well known castles include Castle in Fuzine, Cekin Castle, Tivoli Mansion and Kodeljevo Castle. The Dragon Bridge, Preseren Square, Triple Bridge and The Cathedral of St.Nicholas are a must see for all tourists.

The city has a host of museums like National Museum of Slovenia and National Museum of Contemporary History. Art galleries also abound in the city. Ljubljana zoo is also an important tourist spot.

The city also has a very happening night life. There are several night clubs, discos and pubs in the city. Besides, the city also hosts theaters and other cultural events. Ljubljana also provides for outstanding shopping that includes books, music records, antiques and souvenirs.

Postojna Cave is one of the most beautiful cave clusters of Europe and perhaps of the world. A large and wondrous stalagmite named Brilliant is the representation of this natural stunner. Although known and in use since the earliest of human and non human history, it is only recently that it is experiencing the benefits of preservation processes. Right now even photography is prohibited in the caves of Postojna. Postojna caves are not only geological beauty themselves but are also home to about 84 endemic species of fauna. Among these are 48 aquatic and 36 terrestrial species. The star of these species, is the very well known indigenous olm, Proteus anguinus, also called the human fish in the local language due to its color.

Škocjan Caves are the limestone caves of the Karst (Kras) region. The Škocjan Caves consist of about 5km of subsurface channels or gorges along with collapsed dolines, caves with a depth of more than 200mts. and a large number of tinkling waterfalls. The dark bottomless passages possess an strange atmosphere due to the various river eroded odd rock formations. One of the very best sites for observing karstic phenomena. The fearful superstitions of the Medieval Celtic imaginative traditions felt the voices of its ancestors calling out to them in the echoes of the subterranean water flow. Even today a tourist in these caves of UNESCO World Heritage Site status feel the same wonder and euphoria at the magnificent beauty of them.

Triglav National Park is a serene escape in the lap of nature. The snowcapped peaks of the Triglav Mountain form the backdrop of Triglav National Park in Slovenia. It sprawls over an area of 84,805 hectares. The scenic beauty and tranquil location make it one of the most spectacular national parks in the entire Europe. Triglav National Park offers enough to charm the visitors. The cliffs of Triglav Mountain provide an ideal base for trekking and mountain climbing. Triglav National Park boasts the finest hiking trails in the central Europe. Besides the Julian Alps, Triglav National Park also features lush greenery, rivers, waterfalls, natural springs and lakes. It is home to some of the most picturesque lakes in Slovenia. Bohinj, the biggest of all the Slovenian lakes, adds to its beauty. Soca and Sava are the two rivers that flow through the landscape of Triglav National Park. It is also home to a number of rare varieties of flora. Wildlife in Triglav National Park makes it a paradise for all wildlife enthusiasts. Wild roosters, Chamois, marmots and grouse are widely visible in Triglav National Park of Slovenia. Triglav National Park comes with several options of amusement and adventure. The surroundings of Triglav National Park can be best explored on foot. Hang gliding, skiing and skydiving are some of the other amusement options that tourists can try out in Triglav National Park in Slovenia.

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