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The capital city of the infamous Bavaria, Munich is the third largest city in Germany, and one not to be missed. It’s grown in popularity recently, maybe due to the huge event Oktoberfest, a 16-day festival starting in September and finishing in October each year, which incorporates the world’s largest funfair with authentic Bavarian beer, cuisine and nightlife. The event is well loved by the young and trendy worldwide and definitely worth a visit.

There’s plenty to do in the area surrounding Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport outside of October as well, to entice lovers of history, nightlife, food and drink (especially beer) in the vast and varied culture you’ll find here. From relaxed days spent exploring museums, parks, gardens (including a stunning English garden) and restaurants with local dishes, to more action-packed activities like cycling and bike tours, Munich will offer a rich, cultured experience and a real authentic taste of Germany and its residents’ way of life.

Munich Franz Josef Strauss International Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany, located almost in the centre of Munich. Whatever your accommodation choice, booking Munich Franz Josef Strauss transfers with hoppa today means you can enjoy your flight knowing that an easy ride awaits you on the other end.