It’s safe to say that after the events of this past year, travelling to a quiet, tranquil destination may sound very appealing even to homebodies. The idea of practising mindfulness, taking a deep undisturbed breath, and soaking in the beauty around you, is the picture we would like this list to leave you with.

Lumahai Beach, Hawaii

There is so much to do in Hawaii it may make your head spin. You may even be wondering how such a popular destination could make it onto this list. But nestled amongst the many islands is Lumahai beach - a destination that is less popular than Hawaii's other islands due to the strong currents that render swimming almost impossible. What this destination does offer is pristine white beaches, beautiful views of the ocean, and a perfect backdrop to lying on the beach and soaking up the peaceful isolation.

Cape Elizabeth, USA

Tucked away along the coast of New England is the quaint town of Cape Elizabeth. Home to the iconic two light lighthouse, this peaceful idyllic coastal setting also happens to be home to arguably the best fresh seafood. Take uninterrupted beach strolls and enjoy the abundance of history this town has to explore.


Lake Louise, Canada

Nestled in the Banff National Park is Lake Louise, the pristine clear body of water hugged by breathtaking mountains and surreal scenery. Pack your tent and hiking boots, and steep yourself in the finest nature has to offer. Surrounding this crystal gem is a wide variety of activities and many other lakes, so you have the option to explore or remain rooted in your quiet solitude.

Rio Celeste Falls, Costa Rica

The Rio Celeste Falls is famous for its otherworldly and almost unbelievable colour. Due to its location in the Tenorio Volcano Park, the water reacts to the volcanic sulphur, resulting in one of the world's most unique waterfalls. Take a walk through this tropical dreamland and enjoy a singularly unique experience.

Nordfjord, Norway

While Nordfjord is Norway’s most popular fjord, don’t be fooled into thinking this ancient and well-travelled body of water is a busy tourist destination. Take a cruise along its waters where you will be greeted by a wide variety of scenery depending on the time of year you choose to travel. For a quiet Nordic getaway, nothing beats this cruise.

Saruni Samburu Safari Camp, Kenya

This African dream getaway is hidden away deep amongst a host of wildlife. The camp has everything someone looking for a peaceful escape could need, from a spa to all inclusive facilities and romantic tented sleeping quarters. There is even a Wellbeing Space to assist in any mindfulness you would like to practice in this idyllic setting.


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