Christmas is a beautiful time of year, from stunning Christmas tree's to the bright lights displayed on houses to the festive decorations filling the streets all over the world. There's plenty of hotspots around the world when it comes to Christmas decorations, here at hoppa we've picked our top 7 favourite places for seeingthem, keep reading if you want to find out where they're located...

1. The National Mall - Washington DC

Christmas tree in Washington DC Christmas tree in Washington DC The National Mall in Washington DC is a national park located in the center of the state. It's surrounded by some of the worlds most famous monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument plus other places of interest such as museums - there are 11 Smithsonian museums located in the National Mall! At Christmas the National Mall becomes a popular spot for tourists and locals as every year there is the tradition of putting up a huge Christmas tree brimming with decorations and lights to bring the message of 'Peace and Hope'. Every year people gather to watch performances from musical talents plus the President of the United States makes an appearance before turning on the lights.

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2. Rockefeller Centre - New York City

Rockefeller Center, NY Rockefeller Center, NY The Rockefeller Centre is located in the Big Apple, a.k.a - New York City! The city itself is known for having some of the best Christmas decorations, from ice skating rinks in Central Park and the Rockefeller Centre to giant baubles and Christmas lights filling the streets. There's plenty of events happening during the festive season in this city. The Rockefeller Centre is located in Manhatten between 48th and 51st Streets and 5th and 6th Avenues. There's plenty of attractions, from viewing the city from the top of the Empire State building, visiting Rock MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) or maybe spending some time on the ice, skating right beneath the famous Christmas tree. This year (2016) the tree is standing at 94ft tall, it's filled with colourful lights and a bright star on top. Each year the lighting ceremony attracts thousands of people, the channel gardens surrounding the tree are also decorated every year giving Rockefeller a festive feeling. Visit the Official site here.

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3. Berlin, Germany

Christmas Market in Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin Christmas Market in Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin Germany is known for having some of the best Christmas Markets and over the past few years they have increased in popularity. People travel from all over the world to experience the German markets. There's plenty to discover at the WeihnachtsZauber in Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, from Heated Arts and Crafts tents to Waffle and Cocoa stalls, there's a variety of food and drinks to be enjoyed and the best part is, it's lit up and decorated making it a festive, joyful village. More information found here.

4. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France Strasbourg, France The self appointed Capital of Christmas is blanketed in festive lights and offers several Christmas themed villages offering a bouquet of holiday gastronomic treats and spiced wine. There's 300 stalls spread out across the city, selling a range of delicious treats, a variety of wines and beers brought in by local brewers and winegrowers. There's workshops, games and shows for children and families, plus the famous Christmas Tree which measures 30m above the city centre, it creates a magical atmosphere and is a perfect place to visit for the Christmas holidays.

5. Central London (Regent Street)

Regent Street, London Regent Street, London London is an incredible city with so much happening all year round making it a popular choice for travellers. At Christmas the decorations light up the streets, spreading Christmas joy. Regent Street and Oxford Street are always buzzing, filled with shoppers and tourists, there's plenty of bars, restaurants and shops, the lights attract many travellers, creating a picturesque city. If you walk down Oxford Street towards Hyde Park you will find yourself at Winter Wonderland. This funfair is a top attraction in London during the festive season, with so much to offer from roller coasters, ice-skating, an ice-bar, Christmas market stalls, game stalls and plenty of food huts offering anything from waffles and crepes to hot dogs and burgers, it has something for everyone! More information can be found here.

6. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Christmas in Stockholm is truly magical, Christmas decorations light up the streets whilst the markets fill the city, allowing travellers to discover new exotic foods and a range of tasty drinks. There's also events and shows throughout the Christmas holidays, other activities like ice skating and Lucia celebrations are other options for tourists. Snow is also expected around Christmas in Sweden so there's always a big chance of having a white Christmas. Plus, throughout the city you can find many festive decorations and Christmas trees at every turn!

7. Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado Breckenridge, Colorado This famed ski resort is transformed to a Victorian-style Christmas wonderland in December. The Lightening of Breckenridge kicks off the magical transformation on the first weekend in December. Then, throughout the month visitors can enjoy carriage rides, seasonal shopping, and elegant old-world decorations draped across this pretty, snowy town.

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