With the world’s eye focusing on Croatia and England today, we take a quick look at the beautiful Mediterranean country as a holiday destination. We’ll find out what they offer in footballing terms later!

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This picturesque arrangement of lakes and waterfalls makes its way onto many people’s worldwide bucket-lists, and if it hasn’t, it’s probably because you hadn’t heard of it! 16 lakes are joined by streams and waterfalls that weave their way to a gorgeous limestone canyon nestled into the forests of central Croatia. This massive 295km2 expanse is carved up with footpaths and hiking trails which interweave the bodies of water. If walking isn’t your thing this is probably one to avoid, however you might enjoy the boat ride which links the two groups of lakes. The lower lakes are home to one of the most iconic sites in Croatia, the ‘Veliki Slap’, a huge 78m tall waterfall that drops into the river Korana.


The island of Hvar is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia. It’s popularity stems from it’s idyllic coastal location, serving historically as a fishing port. The renaissance inspired Hvar boasts 13th Century walls and an impressive hilltop fortress which overlooks the town. For the history-lovers, the Hvar Cathedral is a must, but for those more enamored by natural beauty, it’s the Pakleni islands which have so much to offer. The 11km stretch consists of 16 separate islands which provide a haven for explorers. The chain of islands offers hundreds of remote slices of paradise to enjoy fishing, diving, swimming or really doing whatever you want!

Krka National Park

The Krka river is the central focus of the Krka National Park and, akin to Plitvice, hosts a series of waterfalls along its meander throughout the forests. To the south of the park, watermills make the most notable features, whilst to the north, the Krka Monastery and Roman catacombs are the defining structures. This mix of historical significance and natural beauty ensure Krka remains one of the most sought-after destinations in Croatia for travelers.


The seafront city of Pula is both well-known to visitors and locals alike for it’s miles of coastline that flank its well-used harbor and its Roman architecture that’s steeped in historical, strategic value for the Roman empire. The most notable feature of Pula is arguably its amphitheater, or ‘coliseum’. Once home to gladiator fights it is now an impressive venue for entertainers. Bjork and Kraftwerk amongst others are using the venue this summer. The local markets, the shipyard, the parkland! There’s so much variety and depth to Pula it’s clear to see why it grows in popularity every year.

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