Our original Expensive Vs. Cheap article (found here!) was a favourite post for our readers, so we wanted to dig deeper and give you even more prices from across the world.  Therefore, we have split up every continent and researched two cities in each country. This article is the first in that series exploring everything that Europe has to offer! We researched the costs of many purchases that come with any holiday such as; hotel rooms per night, bottles of wine, a pint of beer, cinema tickets, taxi fares plus much more. After studying 48 European cities, we discovered which cities are pricey and which ones are perfect for a budget getaway. Again, we looked at the average costs of things like: a pint of beer, a cup of coffee, a meal for two, a bottle of wine, a hotel room for one night and taxi fares per 1km. In addition to all those, we added the cost of a cinema ticket and a cocktail. After looking into each city we were able to add up all of the prices together and rank them in accordingly, from the most expensive to the cheapest. Below you will find our infographics containing all of the figures. As you can see, Copenhagen in Denmark is the most expensive city overall, with total costs averaging £302.90 per day! Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is at the opposite end of the rankings, and is the cheapest city, with all costs coming to a wallet-friendly total of £58.22! hoppa-Europe_Expensive-Holidays_Infographic-TOP The average cost of a hotel room per night follows a similar trend to the overall rankings. Copenhagen, Denmark remains number one for having the most expensive rooms, costing £192.37 per night! Sunny Beach in Bulgaria on the other hand is as cheap as £30.10 per night! Antalya, Turkey follows closely behind Sunny Beach, costing just £34.30 on average per night. Both resorts have beautiful beaches and have a variety of family resorts and hotels to stay in. hoppa-Europe_Expensive-Holidays_Infographic_v2-01_02 (2) Dining out and drinking are usually some of the most fun parts of any holiday. Whether it's trying new foods or relaxing with a cocktail or a glass of wine, it's perfection! Based on the costs of; a pint of beer, bottle of wine, cocktail, a meal for two and a taxi ride, the cheapest evening out is once again Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. In Sunny Beach the entire evening, with everything added up would cost just £20.89. What a bargain! Whereas the most expensive city to have an evening out would be Akureyri, Iceland, where the total costs for one evening equal £102.63! The most expensive cities to buy cocktails are Reykjavik and Akureyri, Iceland and Stockholm, Sweden. In each of these cities, the price of one cocktail is  £11.00 on average! Reykjavik also ranks number one for the most expensive city to buy a bottle of wine, costing £13.95. Oslo, Norway steals the number one spot for having the most expensive pint of beer, which on average costs £6.80Sunny Beach, Bulgaria keeps the top slot for cheapest cocktails, bottles of wine and pints of beer! However, Debrecen, Hungary is the cheapest city for a cup of coffee, just £0.72! If you want to enjoy dining out in a new city on your holiday, we found out which cities have the most affordable meals for two. Jurmala, Latvia is the city where you can find the cheapest meals, costing just £12.20. Antalya, Turkey follows closely behind costing just £12.27. If you're travelling to Akureyri, Iceland, expect high prices when dining out, an average meal for two costs £73.62. hoppa-Europe_Expensive-Holidays_Infographic_v2-01_03 (2) We had a look at cinema ticket prices, a popular choice for entertainment. There is a big difference in prices depending on which cities you're travelling to. London unsurprisingly ranks number one for the most expensive cinema tickets, costing £11.50. That's almost 4x as expensive as Debrecen, Hungary, which is home to the cheapest cinema tickets costing just £3! hoppa-Europe_Expensive-Holidays_Infographic_v2-01_04 (2) Lastly, we looked at taxi fares, this time it's per 1 km. Exploring new places while you're away is always fun, however, if you're using taxis to travel around, a holiday can become expensive quickly! In London, England a taxi costs on average, £3.00 per 1 km. Billund, Denmark is close behind, costing £2.13 per 1 km and in third place for the most expensive taxi fare is Manchester, England, costing £1.86. There are many cities with much lower rates. For example, a taxi in Moscow, Russia on average costs just £0.21 per 1 km, and St Petersburg, Russia is slightly higher, costing £0.30 per 1 km. hoppa-Europe_Expensive-Holidays_Infographic_v2-01_05 (2) Researching these European cities gives travellers more insight into the costs associated for each country. It also empowers those travelling on a budget to make more informed decisions. We hope our data helps travellers better decide where to go, based on how much they can expect to spend on holiday. Sunny Beach in Bulgaria takes first place for being the cheapest destination in most categories. Cities in Turkey overall tend to be cheaper, so they rank in the top five cheapest European cities. Antalya and Istanbul are popular tourist destinations that are known for their lovely family resorts and affordable hotels. The average price per night for a hotel in Antalya was £34.30, putting it in second place for the cheapest hotel room per night. It may or may not come as a surprise that Copenhagen, Denmark takes the top spot for being the most expensive city in Europe (against all other 47 cities). The beautiful city offers luxury hotels, sophisticated dining experiences and lavish cocktail bars, no wonder it's Europe's most expensive city break! Other results that we could have predicted was Debrecen, Hungary having the cheapest cups of coffee. Hungary is great for people travelling on a budget! London, on the other hand, is known for its high price tags, and took the top spot for the most expensive cinema ticket, costing £11.50 each! Activities in the centre of London are known to be expensive, especially drinking, hence why the city was in the top five for cocktails and wine too! Some surprising results that we saw included how Moscow, Russia has the cheapest taxi fares, at just £0.21 per 1km! St Petersburg, Russia followed closely behind in second, so it seems travelling around Russia won't rack up an expensive bill. Reykjavik and Akureyri in Iceland were both listed in the top five lists for expensive meals and drinks. Reykjavik also took first place for the most expensive cocktails and bottles of wine, and also came in 4th for the most expensive meal for two. Looking at the mid-range point, Lisbon, Portugal, Salzburg, Austria and Athens, Greece were listed in midway between the most expensive and the cheapest cities overall. All three cities are excellent options for a fun, budget-friendly holiday. They all are offer unique attractions and beautiful city scenery, perfect for families, couples and solo travelers.

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