99% of qualified drivers would fail UK driving theory test

It seems after years of driving, many of us would no longer be able to pass the theory test if we had to retake it. In fact, a whopping 99% of UK licence holders would likely fail, according to our latest survey data.

Ahead of Road Safety Week, which runs from 20-26 November, we surveyed 1,000 British drivers with 15 questions taken from all categories of the official DVSA practice theory test. It seems the old ten to two rules of the road have slipped, as the average pass rate was just 43%, a long way off the 86% required to pass the real thing.

Renaldo Scheepers, CEO at hoppa, commented on the survey findings: “The UK has 32 million licence holders, so it’s worrying to see that so many of us would fail the theory test if we had to retake it. We want to raise awareness of road safety, which is why we’re donating 10p from every transaction to Brake Charity during Road Safety Week.”

A spokesperson on roads policy from RAC commented on the findings: “Most drivers are law-abiding citizens, however, there is no harm in keeping yourself familiar with what is in the Highway Code. We’d always recommend that if drivers see signs or road layouts they are not familiar with, they should have a look at a copy of the Highway Code either in print or online. The theory test has evolved over the years and will continue to play a big part in making our roads safer.”

Take a look at our infographic for the full breakdown of results:

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